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Quick Facts

Why do I need portion control?
In addition to a shaky economy costs are rising across the board on everything from liquor taxes to insurance premiums. You would be well advised to get portion control costs solved and that is exactly what our measured pourers offer you.
How can you sell for less?
We cut out the middle man markup and ship factory direct to you.
Are these the same measured pourers or a lower quality imitation?
These high quality patented pours are sold elsewhere but we offer you a bigger selection and more savings.
Why are these bar bottle pourers better?
These patented measured liquor pourers offer precise portion control, produce a better tasting drink and could make you more money per bottle.

About Portion Control

Hi-Profit-Pour™ will lower your liquor costs, and can boost your profits up to 30%! Effective, economical and superior three ball bearing design make these bar bottle pourers superior to the old outdated two ball bearing design available elsewhere. Our drink pourers are available in eight vibrant colors and multiple portion sizes to always control pouring and deliver correct portion sizes.


Use of our shot pourers often increases your profits by $4.00 to $8.00 for every bottle of liquor you pour!

Our Spouts Fit
Wine Bottles Too!*

*Choose Medium Cork

New Product

mason lid pour spout

Drinker Magic Mason Lid

chrome free pour

Free Pour Tough Cork

Collar/Seal per dozen $45.00 /
Six or more dozen $39.00 dzn.
Collar per dozen $42.00 /
Six or more dozen $36.00 dzn.
Flip-top per dozen $42.00 /
Six or more dozen $36.00 dzn.
Standard per dozen $39.00 /
Six or more dozen $33.00 dzn.
Standard per dozen $39.00 /
Six or more dozen $33.00 dzn.
Standard per dozen $42.00 /
Six or more dozen $36.00 dzn.

- Free Flowing Pours -

Collar/seal per dozen $ 24.00 /
Six or more dozen $21.00 dzn. »
Collar per dozen $ 22.00 /
Six or more dozen $19.00 dzn. »
Seal per dozen $ 23.00 /
Six or more dozen $20.00 dzn. »
Standard per dozen $ 21.00 /
Six or more dozen $18.00 dzn. »

A Minnesota Business
Serving the World
bulk liquor pours
Liquor bottle pourers
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  Available Sizes:
Standard size liquor pourers
1/4 oz. pourer
1/2 oz. pourer
5/8 oz. liquor pourer
3/4 oz. measured liquor pourer
7/8 oz. measured liquor pourer
1 oz. measured liquor pourer
1-1/8 oz. measured liquor pourer
1-1/4 oz. measured liquor pourer
1-1/2 oz. measured liquor pourer
2 oz. measured liquor pourer
3 oz. measured liquor pourer

Metric liquor pourers:
5 ml measured liquor pourer
10 ml measured liquor pourer
15 ml measured liquor pourer
20 ml measured liquor pourer
25 ml measured liquor pourer
30 ml measured liquor pourer
35 ml measured liquor pourer
40 ml measured liquor pourer
50 ml measured liquor pourer
60 ml measured liquor pourer
90 ml liquor pourer

Canadian liquor pourers:
Imperial ounce liquor pourer


Still like to use free pourers for some or all your dispensing needs?

high quality free pours
Free flowing pourers have been used for alcoholic mixed drinks... learn more...


How our products protect your inventory

measured pourers flip-top seals
Alchohol and cordials being loaded... learn more...


Special Imprinting

Dress up and solidify your brand using Hi-Profit-Pour™ and special imprinting right on your inventory learn more...



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